• Help! My Floor Tiles Are Buckling!

    Date: 2013.10.09 | Category: Tips and Advice | Tags: ,,,

    Help! My Tile is Buckling! You might not know that your home is probably moving right now. Depending on the environmental conditions, different construction and flooring substrates will shift, settle or expand seasonally. For properly cured concrete slabs, this isn’t usually an issue.

    Did you know that the average house slab can take up two years to fully cure and settle? Tile installed using an inflexible adhesive over a concrete slab that’s still curing can buckle and pop up unexpectedly as the walls and floors move in different directions.

    Expansion joints are typically installed to allow some lateral movement in the flooring without cracking grout lines or causing tiles to buckle, but if they are improperly installed, you might have a problem on your hands.

    Now what?

    If you were lucky enough to catch the problem early with only a few squares of tile affected, cutting expansion joints could ease the tension and prevent further buckling. A word of warning: this isn’t a guaranteed fix, and the problem could worsen. In most cases, removing the original tiles and retiling is your only recourse. The area to be retiled will be smaller to original specifications because of substrate movement.