• Choosing Grout

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    Choosing grout for your tile can be a daunting task.  You need to decide on the look you are planning on having at the end of the project.  Do you want your grout to match and blend, or do you want your grout to make statement, be bold?

    Here are some tips to help with:

    Matching and Blending

    *By matching and blending you are creating a less noticeable grout joint, therefore the lines will run together creating a  harmonized area.

    1. Chose a color that is similar as the main color or your tile
    2. Chose a color that is the same as all the edges of your tile

    Making a Statement

    *You can make a statement with your grout by contrasting.

    1. Chose a light grout with dark tiles or dark grout with light tiles
    2. Chose a color that is not in the same color family as your tile

    There is a great article from Crossville that can be of help and answer many questions pertaining to grout.