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  • Choosing Grout

    Date: 2014.05.21 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0


    Choosing grout for your tile can be a daunting task.  You need to decide on the look you are planning on having at the end of the project.  Do you want your grout to match and blend, or do you want your grout to make statement, be bold?

    Here are some tips to help with:

    Matching and Blending

    *By matching and blending you are creating a less noticeable grout joint, therefore the lines will run together creating a  harmonized area.

    1. Chose a color that is similar as the main color or your tile
    2. Chose a color that is the same as all the edges of your tile

    Making a Statement

    *You can make a statement with your grout by contrasting.

    1. Chose a light grout with dark tiles or dark grout with light tiles
    2. Chose a color that is not in the same color family as your tile

    There is a great article from Crossville that can be of help and answer many questions pertaining to grout.



  • Having the Wood Look

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    Wood has always been a popular choice in flooring, but also comes with a lot of extra work.  There is waxing, preventing water damage, and color changing from the sun light.

    Now you can have just about any color, size and texture in porcelain that looks just like wood.  Your care and maintenance will be easy.  You won’t need to worry about a leaking dish washer or an over run bathtub, because porcelain is hard and non absorbent to those things.

    Take a look at and see the many variations of wood look porcelain that is the up and coming flooring style.



  • It’s hip to be SQUARE

    Date: 2014.03.05 | Category: Bathrooms, Uncategorized | Response: 0

    Ebbe large


    Most standard drains for tiled showers have a round cover but many tiles used on shower floors are square mosaics.  Of course this is not an issue for any skilled tile installer who can cut the tile to fit to a circle.  For a homeowner, round drains might present more of a challenge.

    The fix is not only easy but also more visually pleasant.  Square covers are not only easier for any installer but also better looking and a more up to date design.

    Ebbe drains are made to fit into most all standard tiled shower floor drains.  You simply unscrew the round drain grate and insert Ebbe’s square drain grate.  They also come in a multitude of finishes to match nearly any shower controls.

    Square drains are the perfect detail to give your project a perfectly finished look.