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  • Using Mosaic Tile At Home

    Date: 2013.09.11 | Category: Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 0

    If you’ve been looking for a way to add a little pop of color and texture to virtually any room in your home, mosaic tiles might just do the trick. When used to complement rather than clash, mosaic tiles can have an immediate effect on the overall tone of a room’s design and feel.

    When choosing mosaic tiles for your next design project, think about the room’s intended use, tile size and color. If you start with a design concept, you’ll discover that using mosaic tiles in the design of your home can be simple and straightforward.

    The small tile sizes make them easy to install and place, so have some fun experimenting with design and placement before grouting them down.

    Mosaic Tile

    Bathrooms and showers are perfect places to experiment with mosaic tile. It’s almost impossible to go wrong, actually. Here’s an example of mosaic tile used as a full-length wall and backsplash, as well as accent pieces in the shower enclosure for a sleek, modern look.

    Mosaic Tiles Project
    Geometric patterns work particularly well with mosaic tile and adds some visual interest to monochrome walls. You can mix different shapes and textures to create bold, stunning effects.

    Mosaic Tile Kitchen

    In the kitchen, mosaic tile walls offset the cabinetry and the warm tones of natural wood. The soft colors pair perfectly with the white finish on the cabinetry and brushed steel appliances.

    Mosaic Wall!

    Color, color, color! Brash, funky, and very cool. Big chunky pieces and wide grout lines make quite the statement in this outdoor pool installation, wouldn’t you say?

  • Know Your Ceramic Tile Types

    Date: 2013.04.17 | Category: History of Tile | Response: 0

    We introduced you to a brief history of tile and an explanation of how tiles are manufactured in last week’s post, but we did things a bit backwards.

    Ceramic tiles are generally manufactured by a process called dust-pressing where nearly dry clay powder is compressed between two metal dies. Commonly available ceramic tile types used in residential and commercial installations manufactured using dust-pressing are: encaustic, geometric, and mosaic.

    Encaustic feature a pattern inlaid into the body of tile using a variety of different colors of clay. They may be glazed or unglazed, with the inlay ranging in depth from 1/8″ to as deep as 1/4″. They were immensely popular in the 13th century and experienced a renaissance during the Gothic Revival era. A number of companies in the United States were producing encaustic tile during this period, including American Encaustic Tiling Company. The company closed its doors in 1935.
    Minton Encaustic Tile
    Geometric tiles are actually a single-colored variation of encaustic tiles. Based on the geometric segments of a six-inch square, they are typically rectangular, square or triangular in shape, assembled together to form often elaborate repeating geometric patterns. They are well suited for decorative borders, but can be used in floor designs as well. The variety of designs that can be created by mixing colors, sizes, and colors of geometric tiles is quite dizzying!
    Tile patterns
    Mosaic tiles Smaller versions of geometric tiles, typically no larger than 2.25″, and available in a wide selection of shapes: square, oblong, pentagonal, and trapezoidal, for instance. They are available as unglazed (in either solid or variegated colors, often with a matte finish) or glazed in virtually any color imaginable. Occasionally, single tiles are fabricated using a mold to imitate the mortar lines separating traditional mosaic tile.
    Decoupage and Mosaic Tile

  • Mosaic Inspirations

    Date: 2012.06.30 | Category: Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 0

    When you think about mosaic tile in your home the choices & ideas are endless! We talked about Floor Mosaics in a previous post and here are more beautiful, inspiring photos from Pinterest. Enjoy!


    Source: via Sue on Pinterest



    Source: via Sue on Pinterest

    A mosaic insert.

    Mosaic Garden pathway

    Beautiful mosaic pattern