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  • Bathroom Tile Inspiration

    Date: 2011.12.20 | Category: Bathrooms, Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 0

    The bathroom continues to receive increased attention in many homes as homeowners seek to create a tranquil, personal space. This retreat-like atmosphere is very desirable and can be created in endless ways. Not to mention, a bathroom remodel using tile is an investment that will add value to your home. (Read our previous post here for tips on creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.)

    Here are a few photos of gorgeous bathroom retreats to spark your inspiration:

    Image courtesy Ceramic Tileworks

    image courtesy Ceramic Tileworks

    image courtesy

    image by Garretson Tile Company

    image by Garretson Tile Company

    image courtesy of Trendir Modern Interiors


  • Create a Relaxing Spa Atmosphere in your Bathroom

    Date: 2010.09.30 | Category: Bathrooms, Ideas and Inspiration, Tips and Advice | Response: 0

    Today is a gray, rainy day in Gettysburg, PA. A great day to talk about creating a spa atmosphere in the bathroom. If you’re out in this rain, you more than likely just want to curl up at home and relax! There are many ways to transform your bathroom into an oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation!

    Look at that beautiful tile! image courtesy of

    1. De-clutter. Nothing inhibits a relaxing atmosphere more than clutter! You want this space to be simple and clean, not busy and overbearing. Take the time to get rid of items you no longer need, organize the items you do, and start with a clean slate.

    2. Choose muted, soft colors. As in the photo above, they chose tile with a very soft, earthy color. Soothing colors will work best for creating your spa bathroom. Look for blues, greens, beiges, tans, and white.

    3. The right lighting: Natural light is always best, so take advantage of your windows. If that is not an option opt for soft lighting fixtures or vanity lamps -nothing too bright or harsh. You may even want to invest in a dimmer switch.

    4. Spa tubs: If you really want to create a spa experience, look at investing in a spa tub or jacuzzi.This is an upgrade that will add worth to your home and allow you to enjoy immensely! Jacuzzi tubs come in so many sizes, styles and prices to fit what is best for you.

    image courtesy of

    Garretson Tile Company

    5. Add accessories. Strategically placed candles set a relaxing ambiance very quickly. You may want to look for bamboo and other “earthy accessories” to give the room interest, yet remain serene and light. An idea might be to get glass hurricane vases and fill with pebbles and seashells.

    6. Use all of your senses. Now that you have the look of your bathroom, be conscious about the aromas and your comfort! Lavender and chamomile are lovely scents that promote relaxation. Also, look for soft, terry towels or robes. All of your senses add to the spa experience!

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