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  • Tile Color Variation

    Date: 2012.06.13 | Category: Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration, Tips and Advice | Response: 0

    When pondering a custom tile installation, it’s important to know each tiles’ color or shade variation. Color consistency (shade variation) is typically listed on the back label of a ceramic tile sample. Ratings include low, moderate, high or random. Here’s how to decipher these ratings:

    Low means consistent shade and texture

    Moderate means average shade and texture variation, varied yet similar.

    High means extreme shade and texture variation, however all the colors will be present in a single piece of tile to some degree.

    Random means severe shade and texture variation for a random, unique installation that could be totally different colors.

    This online chart helps visualize all the tile color variations.


  • Friday Tile Design Inspiration

    Date: 2012.04.20 | Category: Bathrooms, Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchens, Living Rooms | Response: 0

    We wanted to share these magnificent tile creations for your Friday! These ideas are from Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource for  planning your tile projects and organizing your ideas. Have a great weekend, everyone. Get inspired!


    Incredible ceramic tile wall.

    Source: via Tan on Pinterest


    Modern tile floor is made cozy with the fireplace and rug.

    Source: via Kitt on Pinterest


    Gorgeous tile mosaic wall.

    Source: via Casey on Pinterest


    This backsplash gives a nice pop of color!

  • Floor Construction For Ceramic Tile

    Date: 2012.03.28 | Category: Custom Tile, Tips and Advice | Response: 1

    A common question we hear when it comes to ceramic tile installation is , “Does ceramic tile require a special floor construction?”

    In answer to this question: Standard floor construction of 2″ x 10″ floor joists spaced 16″ on center with 5/8″ plywood underlayment is suitable. However, more than 20 years experience shows that rigid cementitious backer board is superior to plywood as an underlayment. Whether consisting of a double layer of plywood or a layer of plywood with cement board on top, the total thickness of the subfloor must be at least 1-1/4″. A clean, structurally sound concrete slab is suitable and does not require additional underlayment. In some cases 1/4″ or 1/2″ thick cement board can be laminated directly over existing floor coverings without having to remove them.

    If you have any tile questions, we would be more than happy to answer them! Please leave us a comment.

  • Tile Adds Personality to a Room

    Date: 2011.02.21 | Category: Ideas and Inspiration, Tips and Advice | Response: 2

    Adding tile to your home allows you to make any space your very own. The beauty of using tile in design is that there are virtually limitless options to truly get your desired, unique look. Whether it’s textures, patterns, glazes or styles, the options are endless and even the smallest details can make a big difference.

    Here are some tile designs to use as inspiration on this cold Monday!

    Image Courtesy of Interior Designs and Wallpapers

    These classic British brick style tiles give this bathroom an elegant yet relaxed feel.

    Image Courtesy of ArchiExpo

    The tile in this kitchen, paired with the decor, gives a more urban and modern look.

    Image Courtesy of Designs and Decors

    The tile flooring in the this kitchen and living room gives this living space a Italian & rustic inspired look.

    When choosing your custom tile, remember to pay attention to detail and how it will have an effect on the ambiance of your room.  If you have any questions, we are here to help!

  • The Perfect Floor for the Family

    Date: 2011.01.28 | Category: Tips and Advice | Response: 0

    Image Courtesy of

    Perhaps when you consider the idea of a tile floor , you have a hard time picturing your family being “kind” to this asset of your home. Little do many people know that tile floors are highly resilient. With only minimum care, a tile floor which has been correctly installed, should last the lifetime of your home. In fact, unglazed floor tile will not show any wear at all. Unglazed tiles are naturally prepared to mask any potential scratches or other imperfections since they tend to have surface color that extends all throughout the tile. Also,  because these tiles are unglazed, they hold a natural texture which makes them more slip resistant.

    In order to assist you in picking out which type of tile would be most conducive for your  situation, manufacturers classify the durability of their ceramic tile on a scale from 0 to 5. Before heading in to a showroom to pick out your tile, take a look at these ratings so that you’ll have some idea of what you’re looking for:

    Rating – 0: Walls only

    Rating – 1: Light traffic (residential bathroom floors) and counter tops

    Rating – 2: Medium-Light Traffic (residential interior floors except kitchens, stairs, landings and entrance ways.)

    Rating – 3: Medium-Heavy Traffic (all residential areas and commercial areas with similar traffic)

    Rating – 4: Heavy Traffic (all residential and most commercial)

    Rating – 5: Heaviest Duty Traffic (all residential and commercial areas)

    So when deciding whether or not to utilize this decor in your own home, don’t be intimidated or concerned with how your family’s daily routine may affect your floor’s beauty and appearance!

  • Welcome to All Tiled Up!

    Date: 2010.07.29 | Category: Custom Tile | Response: 0

    Thank you for visiting our blog! This is officially our first post and we are excited to start blogging about all topics regarding, you guessed it – Custom Tile in your home brought to you by the tile experts at Garretson Tile Company.

    A little about us: Garretson Tile Company has been meeting our clients ceramic tile needs since 1952, serving the residential and commercial markets in Central Pennsylvania, Northern Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. We furnish and install ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble, granite and slate. All of our craftsmen are certified by the only National Tile Contractor’s Association approved apprenticeship program, Career Craftsmanship. In fact, most of our installers have no less than 10 years experience, not only in ceramic tile, but with Garretson Tile Company exclusively.

    Check back as we will be posting design tips, installation advice, tile inspiration, DIY tile help and tile we love. Tile is our passion and we look forward to sharing that with you through our blog! If you have any questions or would like to see a post about a certain topic please never hesitate to get in touch. Time to get all tiled up! :)