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  • Friday Tile Inspiration

    Date: 2012.08.24 | Category: Bathrooms, Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchens | Response: 0

    Happy Friday! We’re kicking off the weekend with these inspiring, ceramic tile ideas from Pinterest. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

    Source: via Tan on Pinterest

  • Mosaic Inspirations

    Date: 2012.06.30 | Category: Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 0

    When you think about mosaic tile in your home the choices & ideas are endless! We talked about Floor Mosaics in a previous post and here are more beautiful, inspiring photos from Pinterest. Enjoy!


    Source: via Sue on Pinterest



    Source: via Sue on Pinterest

    A mosaic insert.

    Mosaic Garden pathway

    Beautiful mosaic pattern

  • Friday Tile Design Inspiration

    Date: 2012.04.20 | Category: Bathrooms, Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchens, Living Rooms | Response: 0

    We wanted to share these magnificent tile creations for your Friday! These ideas are from Pinterest. Pinterest is a great resource for  planning your tile projects and organizing your ideas. Have a great weekend, everyone. Get inspired!


    Incredible ceramic tile wall.

    Source: via Tan on Pinterest


    Modern tile floor is made cozy with the fireplace and rug.

    Source: via Kitt on Pinterest


    Gorgeous tile mosaic wall.

    Source: via Casey on Pinterest


    This backsplash gives a nice pop of color!

  • Using Pinterest for Tile Design Inspiration

    Date: 2012.02.20 | Category: Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 1

    Have you heard about Pinterest? This online “pinboard” is the largest growing social network right now. People are flocking to the site to create boards filled with all kinds of inspiration from home decor and recipes to event planning and fashion.

    This is a fantastic way to find and save inspiration for the tile projects in your home. When we start working with a client we always get a clear picture of their inspiration and hope for the space. Whether it is a magazine cut-out, a color scheme, pattern, etc., we use all of these pieces to design and achieve the desired tile effect. Now, Pinterest makes this process easy! After doing a simple search for “tile”, these are just some of the results. Users can share their boards as well as receive comments and likes from friends.

    A word of advice- Once you start searching and pinning on Pinterest it’s hard to stop!


  • Glitter Grout

    Date: 2011.11.04 | Category: Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 5

    Check out this glitter grout for those that truly want to make a statement! Read about it here.

  • Creative Idea Using Decorative Tile

    Date: 2011.09.21 | Category: Bathrooms, Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration, Tips and Advice | Response: 1

    Tile has so many wonderful uses in the home. Not only is it a functional, but it also gives an artistic touch to many applications. Decorative tile is most often seen surrounding around a fireplace or on a kitchen backsplash, but there are many other ways to use decorative tile throughout your home. The next thing you might be thinking is “that could get extremely pricey” and in some cases you would be correct. There are ways, however, to get the beautiful tile you desire and keep your budget in mind at the same time.

    Let’s take this example from Bill Buyok on  (Bill Buyok is the primary contributor for Avente Tile and has been publishing Tile Talk since 2008)

    This beautiful glass tile would make a stunning shower, but the price tag was high.

    Glass Tile $40 per square foot (photo courtesy of Click photo for original post.

    The option instead was given to create a “waterfall” design that appeared as if the glass tile was pouring onto the floor.

    glass mosaic waterfall effect. (image courtesy of Click for original post.

    The tile actually became a focal point and used $280 worth of the glass tile as opposed to the entire shower, which would have been roughly $3,600.

    The moral is: Don’t say no to a decorative piece of tile that appears to be out of your budget! A professional tile designer can assist you in implementing the tile you love at a price you can afford.

    Click to read Bill Buyok’s full post.  

  • Large Tile in the Shower and Beyond

    Date: 2011.07.06 | Category: Bathrooms, Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchens | Response: 0

    For a different look, try thinking about using large tiles in places that small tiles are often used. This can be done in a shower or even on a countertop! What do you think of using large tiles in these places?

    Photo courtesy of

    Photo courtesy of showerbase.comÂ

    Photo courtesy of

    Photo courtesy of

  • Tile Adds Personality to a Room

    Date: 2011.02.21 | Category: Ideas and Inspiration, Tips and Advice | Response: 2

    Adding tile to your home allows you to make any space your very own. The beauty of using tile in design is that there are virtually limitless options to truly get your desired, unique look. Whether it’s textures, patterns, glazes or styles, the options are endless and even the smallest details can make a big difference.

    Here are some tile designs to use as inspiration on this cold Monday!

    Image Courtesy of Interior Designs and Wallpapers

    These classic British brick style tiles give this bathroom an elegant yet relaxed feel.

    Image Courtesy of ArchiExpo

    The tile in this kitchen, paired with the decor, gives a more urban and modern look.

    Image Courtesy of Designs and Decors

    The tile flooring in the this kitchen and living room gives this living space a Italian & rustic inspired look.

    When choosing your custom tile, remember to pay attention to detail and how it will have an effect on the ambiance of your room.  If you have any questions, we are here to help!

  • Beautiful Ceramic Tile Makeover

    Date: 2011.01.06 | Category: Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchens | Response: 0

    For all you design lovers out there, Design Sponge is a blog you will certainly want to bookmark and visit often for endless inspiration. They are constantly posting great info about home and product design.

    In today’s post, they shared great photos of a kitchen transformation. We wanted to share this stunning ceramic tile makeover with you here:

    photo courtesy of design sponge

    photo courtesy of design sponge

    photo courtesy of design sponge

    It is amazing what some bold tile can do for a room! The contrast is just stunning!

  • Tile Inspiration

    Date: 2010.12.04 | Category: Bathrooms, Custom Tile, Ideas and Inspiration | Response: 0

    The holiday season is in full swing and winter is definitely here in Gettysburg, PA. As more of us will be spending a lot of time indoors and in our homes, it might be that time to start asking yourself what changes you will be making to your home in the New Year. As you’re decorating the house, baking or just hanging out today here are some photo inspirations for you to take a look at…

    Bold, eye-catching tile entryway

    Beautiful mosaic floor

    Intricate tile work on a fireplace. This will be nice and cozy for the holidays!

    Everything we do is custom! The different ways tile can be used in your home is only limited by your imagination. Our designers are always ready to help you create a one-of-a-kind look for your home.

    For more photo inspiration visit here.